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5 Easy Ways You Could Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be an exciting and joyous time, but it can also come with a hefty price tag.  I know the stress you're facing right now! However, there are some simple and often overlooked ways to save money without sacrificing the beauty and significance of your special day.      

So here are 5 hacks I have for you that could save you some money. Some of them I used for my own wedding and some off them I wished I knew off.

1. Send Digital Invitations/Save the Dates: 

Yes Invitations can be quite costly, especially when you have a lot of invitees. With expensive paper, envelopes, and postage. Additionally, there's the laborious task of folding cards and addressing envelopes.

During my own wedding planning, I discovered digital invitations on Etsy starting at just €9. Or you can even create one yourself with Canva for free. Then Create a fun wedding page for you and your spouse's special day. There are various platforms available, but we used RSVPify. Generate a QR code to the site and allow your guests to RSVP online.

You can even Organize a table setting with all attending guests, use this page for wedding day planning, such as food or allergy requests, and as a platform to share important information. It was a lifesaver, saving me money and a lot of time, while also providing a great way to engage with our guests.


2. Consider a Destination Wedding: 

I know, I Know this may sound a little crazy, but hear me out. If you have your wedding in your hometown, people who have known you or grown up with you may feel obligated to attend. With a destination wedding, guests are expected to cover their own travel expenses, which may deter those who are budget-conscious. This could significantly reduce your guest list.


3. Skip the Live Band: 

You don't need a live band from the reception to the end of your wedding party. Create your own music playlist. There are many apps available to help create a smooth transition between songs. Use this playlist for your reception, dinner, or even your party. This could save you a considerable amount of money.


4. Don't Be Afraid to Rent or Buy Preloved: 

There are amazing shops nowadays that rent beautiful wedding dresses or sell preloved dresses. Preloved dresses are often one-time-worn dresses selling for half the price or even less. Don't hesitate to check them out; you might be pleasantly surprised. For instance, the bridal shop called Something Something preloved based in Antwerp with stunning preloved bridal dresses. I wish I knew this Bridal shop for my own wedding dress.


5. Mix Real and Fake Flowers: 

Although I may be affecting my own business as a florist and wedding stylist.  But I’m here to help you and give you the best tips and hacks I have to save you some money.

We all know flowers can be really expensive. Here’s a hack I discovered while planning my own wedding...

Mix fake flowers with real ones!  Yeah I know you may be thinking fake flowers are tacky. But hear me out. Mixing them with real greenery and some real flowers can be indistinguishable. On my own wedding you couldn’t even see the difference from the fake ones and the real once. ( picture inserted) You can even re-use the fake flowers for different occasions, such as birthdays or home decoration.

As for your bouquet, if you want to keep your wedding bouquet after your wedding like I did you have options:

You can buy real flowers and let them dry afterward, or opt for faux flowers that look remarkably realistic. Another option is stabilized flowers, Like the collection I make for my brides. Which are real flowers that have been treated to last for years without fadin, it's the best of both worlds. If you already have a florist, you could inquire about stabilized bridal bouquets, as some
offer them too.


Your wedding day should be a celebration of love and joy without breaking the bank. By implementing these five easy ways to save money on your wedding day, you can create a beautiful and memorable event while sticking to your budget. From digital invitations to destination weddings, DIY music playlists, preloved attire options, and creative decor choices, there are plenty of opportunities to save money without compromising on the elegance and style of your special day.




Your Dream Wedding, Our Commitment

Your Dream Wedding, Our Commitment

Your Dream Wedding, Our Commitment

Your Dream Wedding, Our Commitment

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